How To Sleep Well During A Heatwave

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We love the warm weather summer brings, but sometimes it can just be too hot. For many who live in buildings or homes without air conditioning, a heatwave can be a nightmare. Especially when you’re trying to sleep, it can be super hard to get comfortable in the heat. Here are some tips from “The Independent” on how you can sleep well during a heatwave.

  • Put your bedding in the freezer for a couple of minutes (put it in a plastic bag first though). If you don’t have much room in your fridge or freezer, even just your pillowcase or PJs will help.
  • Moisturize before bed with an aloe vera based after-sun cream, ideally kept in the fridge.
  • Fill an empty perfume bottle with chilled water and keep it by your bedside, spray on your face, back of your neck, and back of your knees to cool down.
  • Keep your evening shower tepid to lower your body temperature. Don’t have a freezing cold one though, as your body will react to the sudden change in temperature by preserving heat.
  • Sleep in a separate bed from your partner – two bodies = twice the body heat.
  • Sleep in cool, wet socks or even a damp T-shirt.
  • Rinse your wrists and feet with cold water before getting into bed.
  • Sleep downstairs if you can as heat rises.

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