There Are Benefits Of Taking A Break From Exercise During Vacations

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Now that summer is in full swing, many of us will be heading off for a much-needed getaway at some point. And while we all look forward to a little R&R on a vacation, some dedicated fitness fans may pack their sneakers and sports bras so they can continue working out during their trip.

But if you’re having second thoughts about getting up at 6a.m. for a run on the beach, experts are here to remind us that it’s not just okay to take a break from exercise while traveling, it can actually be really good for you.

Benefits of taking a break from your exercise routine when you’re on vacation include:

  • Rest is essential for progress - Nutritionist Simon Jurkiw assures those worried about losing their gains by taking time off that rest is where we grow. He explains that we need time to recover from training and those breaks benefit the body and the mind.
  • If doing nothing isn’t for you, try active rest - If the idea of not working out on your trip is more than you can handle, do some “active rest,” like walking. It keeps the body moving, helps the mind relax and is a great alternative to training for those who can’t imagine a week without a sweat sesh.
  • It helps with muscle fatigue - “Muscles tear during training and they only recover during rest days,” Simon explains, adding that taking time off from training lets muscles repair, grow and heal and that’s essential for gains, growth and overall strength.
  • Avoid fitness burnout - Fitness trainer Hayley Madigan says over-training can lead to a lack of motivation, mental fatigue and even depression if you don’t give yourself a break. She says taking a week off can prevent these things and help you come back stronger, both mentally and physically. “You’ll notice a lift in your mood, a clearer mind and more motivation to get back to it once you’ve had your break,” she explains, adding that you may also sleep deeper and longer which will then help your body and mind recover better. So it’s a win-win all around.

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