What A Child Crimes Investigator Won’t Let Her Kids Do

A police officer who investigates child sex crimes has gone viral after sharing the things she won’t let her own kids do in order to protect them from predators. Terra Avilla, who goes by @thegirlcop on TikTok, regularly shares helpful information relating to child abuse and domestic violence and recently posted two clips about the things her kiddos are banned from doing for their own protection.

The cop, who is based in Connecticut, says that some of her tops may be “surprising, but they come from her years of on-the-job experience. In one video, Avilla shares three things she’ll never let her kids do.

  • “Number one: Sleepovers. I know, I get a lot of hate for this. I just… You don’t know who’s there, you don’t know who else is spending the night, brothers, cousins, uncles, sisters,” she explains. “You just don’t know. Sorry!”
  • Number two: Snapchat. The mom says she has a lot of cases that come from predators using the app and that while “kids think things disappear, they don’t. Nothing good comes from this app.”
  • Number three: hug or kiss people that they don’t want to, even family members. Avilla says it sounds mean, but it’s their body, so if they don’t want to hug their grandma goodbye, they have a right to say no and set boundaries.”

Those rules attracted so much interest, the investigator shared a follow-up video with two more rules.

  • No secrets - Avilla says secrets are banned in her house because there’s a “big difference between having a secret and keeping a surprise.” She explains, “Kids need to learn that an outside adult shouldn’t be telling a child to keep a secret,” but adds that it is okay to keep a secret for a friend if it would keep them safe from harm.”
  • No silly names for body parts - She says she won’t let her kids use “silly names for their private parts,” and makes them use the correct anatomical terms because it’s easier to explain a situation to authorities if something ever happens.

Source: Tyla

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