Check out Java's new "This Week In The 80s" podcast!

So.... I just launched a new podcast on iHeartRadio called... "This Week In The 80s" - all about pop music in the 80s.

You're like... "Uhhhhh. Huh??? An 80s music podcast??? WHY??? Kiss FM doesn't play 80s!"

You're not wrong - but, you see... everyone has that one thing that they're "into". Some it's fashion... others it's sports... others it may be stamp collecting, food, beer or fishing. I figure if I'm going to do a podcast- I'd want it to be about something I'm INTO to... and let people see (or hear) a different side to me.

I mean - One cannot live on Post Malone, Ariana Grande & Khalid alone!

Every week, I'll yap about all the songs that peaked in popularity on the American pop music charts "This Week In The 80s". The goal is to eventually talk about EVERY song to ever hit the pop charts in the 80s.

Episode 1 just "dropped" and new ones will get pushed out (ouch!) every Monday on iHeartRadio (and soon iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher and everywhere else you can get podcasts!)

So, slap on some leg-warmers, poof your hair up to the high heavens, pour yourself a bowl of Mr. T cereal and let's get 80s!




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