The Game Says If 50 Cent Wants to Make Rap Comeback, They Need Each Other

Hip-hop has always been defined by its infamous rap beefs that seem to ignite the world whenever the occur. Some of the more notable altercations include Drake Vs. Meek Mill, Iggy Azalea Vs Azealia Banks, Notorious B.I.G Vs. Tupac, Jay Z Vs. Nas, 50 Cent Vs. Ja Rule, NWA Vs. Ice Cube, and so many more.

The 50 Cent and Game feud, however, certainly sparked a lot of controversy during the early 2000’s, with some referring to it as the greatest feud in rap history. According to Capital XTRA, the beef all started when the release date of 50’s sophomore album, ‘The Massacre’ was pushed back to accommodate The Games debut album, ‘The Documentary’. Over the next few years, the beef sparked numerous diss records and actual shootouts.

Although the two made up, the friendship was short lived with 50 publicly dropping The Game from hip-hop group, G-Unit. In retaliation, The Game created G-Unot, helping to effectively dismantle the musical group.

During an interview with the People’s Party podcast with Talib Kweli, The Game admitted that he and 50 could have been so much more if they stuck together.

"If me and Fifty never had a beef, we might be billionaires by now,” says The Game. "He knew what to do, I knew what to do, we put our voices together and that sh-t made magic," he continued.

"I got songs with me and Fifty that are still on hard drives at my house that are timeless."

“I would definitely be open to it. 50 he move a little different. You know, even though he forgives, he don’t forget and I’m talking about I really f-cked up G-Unit clothing. The record company… I put G-unit in flames and he don’t like that.”

“But I know one thing for sure is that, if 50 is going to be a power in hip-hop at any moment from now, or come with anything that’s going to be really looked at and judged, like ‘Damn, 50 is back’,” Game opened up. “He got to be standing next to me,” he concluded.

Check out the full interview below.