Ohio child with cerebral palsy had stroller stolen, but you can help!

A few weeks ago, the Pritt family in Willoughby Hills forgot to lock up their family vehicle for the evening and sometime between the evening of the 5th and the morning of the 6th someone stole their car and everything inside. The contents of the car had your usual items along with their four children's car seats.

What makes the situation worse is inside the trunk of the car was their daughter, Willow's, special needs stroller. The stroller is what allows Willow, who has cerebral palsy, to get out and about and keep up with her siblings and friends.

The SUV is what they used to transport Willow to all of her therapies, school, and family outings and now that is gone. If the SUV isn’t found the Pritt family has to get a new vehicle, new car seats, and a new special needs stroller that runs over $1,000!

Willow is already getting very heavy for her mom and dad to lift in and out of her car seat, so the stroller is imperative for her to have a happy childhood. We would love to help Willow by getting her a new stroller and, if possible, help with the down payment on a vehicle with a wheelchair lift to help transport her as she grows.

This is a very upsetting and costly situation for the entire family and anything we can do to assist them during this time is appreciated!

They have a GoFundMe page set-up... If you have the means to help, please do!


Pritt Family

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