This Is Ohio’s Best Mexican Restaurant

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The complimentary chips and salsa are enough to get anything through the door of a Mexican restaurant, but the delicious meals that follow are what keep people coming back for more time and again. From cheesy quesadillas to steamy fajita's, you truly can not go wrong at a Mexican restaurant, no matter what you chose off of the menu. Whether you are a vegetarian or a die-hard meat eater, there is always something for everyone.

However, some Mexican restaurants truly soar above the rest. Taste of Home compiled a list of the best Mexican restaurants in every U.S. state. They named Guancho's Taqueria in Columbus as the best of the best in Ohio. Here's what they had to say about it:

Warning! You’ll definitely need an afternoon siesta after a stop at Guacho’s. Because no one leaves hungry from this Ohio eatery, where tacos al pastor (they claim theirs are the best in Columbus!) and a sip of their smooth horchata are enough to satisfy your Southwestern cravings. Let your inner bartender loose with these crafty tequila drinks.

Planning on taking a road trip soon? Check out the full list of the best Mexican restaurants in every state in America.

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