Java & the Kiss FM Crew give their Grammy predictions {Video}


That time of year again - Grammy time! I've watched the Grammys every year since I was in grade school. These days, I don't get nearly excited. Mostly because of the incessant political bickering and heavy-handed speeches. Can get a little tedious. I don't care where you stand politically. In fact, I KNOW where you stand politically. Stop boring me and just sing!

...Okay- Now, that I got that out of my system... 

The Freakin' Rican Allen Colon & Members Only Dave from Elvis Duran & The Kiss FM Morning joined me for a special Grammy prediction Facebook Live show. Check it out above... and check me out Grammy night on Twitter - @javajoel.

The 60th Annual Grammy Awards - Sunday night at 8pm - CBS 19!


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