My Official Apology


So yesterday I was very honest about disliking this (below) particular hairstyle in general, but having grown up asking why all the moms I'd see at sporting events, school related things, around the neighborhood, etc. ALL seemed to chop their hair off once becoming a mother pushed me to ask the question again as an adult when I saw Cardi B rock the same style months after her first child. As a very forward adult I should say. (Yes that's me).


But now I'm here again to officially apologize after an email from a beautiful mama / listener of mine enlightened me on why there's much more to it than I obviously realized.


"You will understand when/if you become a mother.. I'm a mom of 2 littles and never cut my hair but I'm tempted to every day because there is literally no time to style it! AND postpartum hair loss is a real thing! Soo when the hair starts growing back you get baby hair growing out the top and the bottom and it's annoying and ugly and I totally get why moms cut their hair! But I won't cut mine though."

Me (Ashley Z):

"Hey Cynthia! Thanks so much for the email - I had NO idea postpartum hair loss was a thing! That sucks so much... doesn't your hair get all luscious and full when you're pregnant? The unfairness just never ends does it lol. And I completely understand what you're saying. Makes sense even if I just can't fall in love with the style and probably never will BUT again thanks for enlightening me! Hope your little ones are doing fantastic. You seem like a great mom:)"


"Haha thanks! And yes your hair will be gorgeous while pregnant because of all the hormones that make you stop losing hair... but at about 3 months postpartum, and especially if breastfeeding, which I did with both, it all falls out! I literally thought I was going to go bald! So sad.. lol.. and yes very unfair it seems! Motherhood is a sacrifice in so many ways but it's well worth it.

Great show btw love listening!"


Cynthia - thank you for your email & straightening another woman's crown. We need to lift each other up and that's exactly what you did - while I admittedly did not. Consider this my official apology to Cardi B and to any other woman exercising her right to look fabulous in any way she chooses no matter the circumstance. We ALL deserve to shine, together and individually. So keep shining, my beautiful mamas! (Also, I'm always just an email away if any crowns need straightening in the future. Feel free to reach out for any reason at all, anytime:


Ashley Z

Ashley Z

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