MGK Accused & Exposed After "Faking It" on IG; Gets Booed On Stage


Obviously this IG pic is meant to convince us all the Rap Devil, surrounded by his loyal fanbase shown to prove they'll intimidate & conquer any enemy from behind their beloved hip hop crusader, prevailed over the Rap God after Eminem's second Machine Gun Kelly diss 'Killshot' released 4 days ago. It was seemingly the perfect way to appear cool, calm and collected on top. 

Then came the comments and crowd testimonies.

Looks like he actually does get booed on Fallout Boy's stage while opening for them - and it's pretty bad. Like, we're talking at least half of the crowd. He kept going & finished strong like a real pro, though! See the evidence below.



YES - please do that. These days "it's not about what actually happened - it's just about the Instagram picture. You can fake anything and they'll believe it." I can't even tell you how many times I've had a boss tell me that what I say on air / actually going & interacting with my listeners in real life doesn't matter anymore. It's all about the Instagram pic. They'll believe what you say happened. This is how you gain fans in 2018.

LIES. I've ALWAYS known this b.s. mentality was going to catch up to us someday really soon and looks like Machine Gun Kelly's the first truly public example of why honesty and being REAL is what takes the stars to new heights. This man worked hard for it and is undeniably talented. But to go up against one of the most deservedly powerful forces in your industry before achieving the same rank can be a hard fall. The good news? He can 100% bounce back from this, as can we all in personally equivalent situations.

"Y'all clout chase but can't hold up in real life." <-- I'm not saying MGK deserved this, but I am saying in order to survive we have to do all we can to prevent provoking betrayal. Which being fake (SURPRISE) absolutely results in.


In the end you can become the one we all applaud & stand behind or the one we boo off stage - it's all earned either way. I really think positive changes are coming from this. Plus who doesn't love a great comeback??

Keep it real, my loves 


Ashley Z

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