IRL's Conor Opens Up About Autism Diagnosis: "It Was Really Scary to Hear"

"I have 4 other guys also trying to get their foot in the music industry and learn - but we can learn and grow together. [And like] Kinda work through things and, you know, just learn from each other cuz everyone has something amazing to offer."


I had no idea that Shaker Heights' shining star, Michael Conor of In Real Life, is a force thriving under such intense circumstances. In an interview with local news station WKYC earlier this week Conor admitted his diagnosis was "really scary for a kid to hear". Diagnosed with high-functioning autism at just 16 years old he's living proof that you'd be wise to never underestimate the ability of a remarkable brain inside a person determined to thrive through life under any circumstance, even ones as insurmountable as his.


"I felt like, what would 16-year-old Conor want from one of his role models to put out.... I just feel like if one of my idols, like, tattooed this on them, that'd give me all the confidence in the world. I just think that's so important, especially in this day and age. Like, just mental health in general. It's not just autism - it's really everything. I think we should just look at people as valuable."

A-fricken-men. Remember when the group came out to High Voltage Karting with us last month & performed for you? They also recorded this video for a remarkable listener named Austin in need of some help to regain his eyesight after a brain tumor nearly took his life, claiming his eyesight after losing the fight. In hindsight it's even more powerful how eager they genuinely were to help. No hesitation. Most good people won't hesitate when it comes to doing whatever helps move us along on the path to a brighter, better world.


This freestyle got me, though.

"I don't wanna look back and it never happened

When you want somethin' so bad you just gotta have it

Man, I'll be broke before I ever try to fake a passion

'cuz what's a purpose without a fight dog? I ain't an actor."


Come see the boys of In Real Life take the stage with Ava Max, Ally Brooke, Jake Miller, AJ Mitchell & DJ Mike D next Tuesday night at House of Blues! Better snatch your Kiss The Summer Hello tickets up before it's too late. See you soon, night show lovers!


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