Man Wins $150K After Peer-Pressured To Buy First Lotto Ticket

Pen markings on lottery ticket

Photo: Getty Images

For many of us, peer pressure can be a bitch…but none of us are Danny Johnson. Recently, Johnson was pushed by his friends to buy a Power Ball ticket when it was over a billion dollars. Johnson has always been “skeptical” of lotto games, and thought they were “a waste of time and money.” Still, after a fair amount of badgering, Johnson was finally coaxed into buying a ticket for the November 5th drawing. It’s a good thing, too. Johnson hit four numbers and the Power Ball, scoring him a $50K prize. Plus, he’d also selected the Power Play option, with tripled the prize to $150K. Johnson’s now planning a “surprise gift” for the friend the pushed him into buying the ticket in the first place.

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