Therapist Reveals How Often Couples Should Have Sex To Be Happy

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A therapist is answering a common question a lot of people wonder about, “How often should couples have sex?” It’s something Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus says she’s been asked countless times and while she points out that all couples are different, she does share a guideline to go by.

Taking to TikTok to share her knowledge, this expert says an average of at least once a week is enough to keep the average couple satisfied. Marcus explains that a large, long-term study suggests “that the happiness level goes up until it hits once a week.” But more sex doesn’t equal more happiness, according to the study, as she says “it levels off” at that point.

While once a week is the average that keeps most couples happy, think of it as a guideline. Marcus says her experience with clients shows that when they start having it less than once every other week, “that’s when the cracks really start to show.” Life gets busy and it can be tough to find time for intimacy, which is why scheduling sex is recommended by Marcus and other experts. And while some say scheduling sex isn’t sexy, Marcus says, “You know what really isn’t sexy? Not having sex.”

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