Guy Experiences Menopause Symptoms After Fecal Transplant From Mom

Doctor talking to the patient about menopause and treatment in future.

Photo: wutwhanfoto / iStock / Getty Images

A man whose Crohn's disease landed him in the hospital has treated the illness with his mother’s fecal in a DIY treatment…and that’s not even the weirdest part. Charlie Curtis, from Toronto, Canada, who's in his 30s, had the fecal transplant around four years ago and claims in a new documentary called “Designer S***” that it’s led him to begin experiencing his mother’s menopause symptoms.

While Fecal Microbiota Transplant has been effective for certain people with certain illnesses, Curtis says he’s experienced hot flashes, sweating, and mood swings…just like his mom has been dealing with as she goes through “the change”. Is this even possible? According to doctors, the “little brown care package” does "transmit high levels of hormones," so yes…apparently it’s possible.

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