Pizza Hut Debuts “Goodbye Pies” To Help With Pre-Valentine’s Day Breakups

Pizza Hut

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Think breakups don’t happen around Valentine’s Day? While the holiday is all about romance and love, research shows it’s also the holiday surrounded by the most heartbreak, as a YouGov poll finds 45% of people believe it’s better to do the dumping right before Valentine’s Day. The Tuesday before the holiday is actually the day of the year when most break-ups happen, it’s known as “Red Tuesday.”

For anyone looking to end their relationship pre-Valentine’s Day, Pizza Hut has your back. They’re now offering “Goodbye Pies” that can be ordered and delivered to your soon-to-be ex to deliver the spicy news in a sweet way.

  • The limited-edition pizzas, available as of yesterday - this year’s Red Tuesday, have habanero-infused hot honey on top and come packaged in a custom box with a broken heart pizza illustration and a place to write their name.
  • From now until February 14th, people wishing to break up can order one at
  • Pizza Hut even has an excuse generator to help people come up with a clever reason to end it. They include lines like, “I’m the heir to a throne of a faraway land and I must go save my kingdom from impending evil.”
  • While the “Goodbye Pies” are only available at locations in New York City, Chicago and Miami, the pizza chain is looking out for former lovebirds in the rest of the country, too. Beyond those three cities, fans can request a link to a Pizza Hut gift card that their future-ex can redeem for a hot honey pizza.

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