The Essential Elements Of A Perfect Valentine’s Day Date

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Valentine’s Day is less than a week away, do you have your plans nailed down yet? If you’re still in the planning stages, a new survey may be able to help. It asked 2-thousand actively dating Americans about what it takes to create the perfect Valentine’s Day date and finds sweets are pretty important.

According to the poll:

  • Eight in 10 respondents will be celebrating on February 14th this year, with 63% planning to go out and 20% planning to stay home.
  • Ideally, people think Valentine’s Day dates should start with flowers or a gift (41%) and being picked up from home by their date (33%).
  • But 30% of Gen Z would rather have sweet treats than flowers or a present.
  • The date would include going out to dinner (59%) or a movie (33%) and end with some romance, either a goodnight kiss (43%) or alone time with their date (48%).
  • As for the food involved for the perfect Valentine’s Day date, desserts top the list, with 41% saying it's more important than the entree (40%) and more fun than the appetizers (10%) or sides (3%).
  • Desserts are so important to the holiday celebration, 58% say it’s a non-negotiable for the date.
  • The specific sweets people want on Valentine’s Day include chocolate-dipped strawberries (49%), cheesecake (45%), chocolate mousse (28%) and strawberry ice cream (25%).
  • But 43% of respondents would prefer a Valentine’s Day gift they can wear more than one they can eat (14%).
  • Overall, people are willing to spend an average of $114 on going out this Valentine’s Day, while the average stay-at-home date will cost around $86.

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