Woman Asked To Leave Plane For Buzzing Sex Toy

Sex Toys - Glass dildo and vibrators in bed

Photo: johannes86 / iStock / Getty Images

On TikTok, a video posted by Amanda Diaz Rojas has racked up over 12 million views…and it’s all thanks to one of her vibrators. After boarding a flight attendants were concerned over vibrating they could hear emitting from her carry-on bag. The sound coming from the suitcase was loud enough that the flight crew asked her to step outside of the plane and open the bag so they could see what the issue was, and if it would be a danger to the flight. The culprit ended up being one of the reported multitude of sex toys she had packed for her trip, which has somehow managed to activate itself. Rojas was allowed back of the plane, but only after she agreed to remove the batteries from the toy…which the flight crew reminded her should’ve been done before she’d even closed up the bag for travel.

Check out the story at New York Post 

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