When That Baby Hedgehog You Rescued Turns Out To Be A Hat Pom-Pom

Hedgehog in the garden , African pygmy hedgehog

Photo: praisaeng / iStock / Getty Images

In Cheshire, England, an animal-loving woman found what she thought was a “very shy baby hedgehog.” Because it hadn’t “moved or pooped all night,” she took it to the Lower Moss Wood Nature Reserve & Wildlife Hospital so it could be properly cared for. After extensive examination by the staff of veterinarians, it was determined that it wasn’t really a hedgehog at all…but was, in fact, a pom-pom that had fallen off the top of someone’s knit winter hat. Still, the elderly lady should get credit for being a kind soul for wanting to help the pom-pom out of harm’s way.

Check out the story at Lower Moss Wood Nature Reserve & Wildlife Hospital

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