The Best Wine To Go With Your Easter Candy

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Did the Easter bunny hop by your house with a special delivery of treats? Whether you have an Easter basket of your own or you’re snagging sweets from your kids’ collection, now is the time to enjoy all that sugar. But you’re going to need something to sip on while you indulge in the guilty pleasure.

Fortunately, experts are sharing the best wine to pair with some popular Easter candies, so you can make the most of the holiday haul.

  • Jelly beans and sauvignon blanc - Some folks believe the only way to eat jelly beans is by the fistful, which means you’re tasting a dozen different flavors at once. That can make pairing tricky, but sauvignon blanc is here for it. This white wine can help balance all those flavors for an ideal pairing.
  • Chocolate bunny and cabernet sauvignon - If you’re into Easter candy that’s simple and delicious, nothing beats a chocolate bunny and you’ll need a pairing that’s straightforward to go with it. A cabernet sauvignon with flavors of raspberries and ripe cherries is a great match for the strong cocoa in the bunny.
  • Peeps and chardonnay - When you think of Easter candy, Peeps are one of the classics, but as cute as they are, they’re really just sweet mush. You’ll need a nice, crisp wine to contrast all that sugar, and a chardonnay with flavors of apple and pear will do the trick. It will help enhance the Peeps, not just overwhelm them.
  • Reese’s Eggs and merlot - There’s a lot of terrible Easter candy out there, but Reese’s eggs aren’t one of them. The tasty holiday-shaped peanut butter and chocolate treat is excellent on its own, but it also goes perfectly with a merlot with notes of cherry, vanilla and chocolate.

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