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Your Weekly Horoscopes - April 15, 2024

It's a brand new week! How is yours looking? Check out your horoscopes for the week below:

· ARIES – Don’t let fear hold you back any longer. You’ll be more disappointed if you don’t try. Your week is a 7.8

· TAURUS – Water needs a little time on heat before it boils and you are very close to your boiling point. Your week is an 8.4

· GEMINI – In order to bring people together…you need to find a common interest – let that be your guiding light. Your week is a 6.9

· CANCER – Let the light shine into every area of your life and it will pour right out of you. Your week is an 8.0

· LEO – You will find your answers in the darkness, don’t be afraid of it. Your week is an 8.9

· VIRGO – Productive is your energy this week. Check off that to-do list at work and at home. Your week is a 9.4

· LIBRA – You crave routine but this week it’s time to break the mold. Have every single day be different. Your week is a 7.5

· SCORPIO – The stinger is coming out this week and you are ready to take names – watch out. Your week is an 8.7

· SAGITTARIUS – You build going brick by brick and that’s how your life is right now. One more piece will fall into place this week. Your week is an 8.6

· CAPRICORN – You’ve been seeking an answer that you might not get this week, trust it will all fall into place. Your week is an 8.8

· AQUARIUS – Do you get where you need to be faster by swimming, running, or riding a bike? Pick your mode and let’s get moving. Your week is a 7.4

· PISCES – Try to see the problem in your life from a 3rd party perspective, this will help your find a solution. Your week is a 9.0

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