Bride-To-Be Says Bridesmaids Shouldn’t Pay To Be In Wedding

Some brides can be very demanding when it comes to their bridal parties, expecting them to pay for extravagant bridal showers, dresses, and over-the-top destination bachelorette parties that last all weekend. But one bride-to-be is taking the opposite approach and she’s sparking a debate with her unpopular opinions.

TikTok user Claudia, who goes by @partygirlclauds, is getting a lot of attention for a video she recently shared explaining that her bridesmaids shouldn’t have to pay a penny to be a part of her wedding. The bride-to-be is tying the knot in August and says she doesn’t expect her bridesmaids to pay for a single thing, including the bachelorette party. “Your wedding is not your bridesmaids’ financial responsibility,” Claudia says.

She points out that while some brides think “it’s a privilege to be my bridesmaid,” they’re already donating their time, and physical and mental energy to show up for you, and asking them to pay on top of that is too much. Claudia notes that she wouldn’t be comfortable paying $1,000 to be a bridesmaid, so she doesn’t expect her friends to either.

Social media users are divided on this one, with some agreeing with her and others saying she’s wrong:

  • “I can’t fathom asking your bridesmaids to PAY for their own dresses/hair/makeup etc,” comments one. “That’s just bizarre to me.”
  • “Nope. I asked them, I pay,” shares another. “Don’t have bridesmaids if you can’t afford it”
  • “Well, wouldn’t it be nice to have that much money,” writes a third. “My bridesmaids paid all their own stuff and so have I, every time.”

Source: NY Post

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