The Show Taylor Dropped A Double Album

The Show She Was Hunting For Zaddy

Paige is in to older dudes and has a hack on how to find them. Also Maia from sales breaks down the latest Taylor news. Is Heather being Jealous? We play Jock Jams for CAVS playoff tix, and does it pop for $50 to Blue Heron.

The Show He Didn't Know About Incognito Mode

Joe loves LARPing, and apparently porn....also have you ever stolen a computer chair? We talk to Angela Boehm about movies casting in Cleveland. A juggalo gives us a fun fact, and we play the Centuries Game for Sam Hunt tickets.

The Show She Wanted To Hide The Real Reason

It wasn't the hiking that cause Charlene to need ankle surgery....also do you know how many toes your cat has? A guy can't get pizzas to stop being sent to his house, the best mispronounciaton of quesadilla we've ever heard. And more does it pop for Blue Heron GCs and Centuries Game for Sam Hunt tickets!

The Show We Were On The Wrong Side Of History?

Finley wants nothing to do with keeping the mans last name, even though it wasn't even on the table. Also should we put vinegar in our laundry? Centuries game for Sam Hunt tix, and a Genius of the day with a fax machine.

The Show With The Pregnancy Test

Jake got through school by hooking up his teacher (wink). Also do you pick things up with your toes? If you saw a pregnancy test in the trash of your friends how, would you read it? More Animal Sounds for Glass Animals tickets, Real/Fake Country Artists for Sam Hunt tickets. And what hair color has less hair?

The Show He Wasn’t Trying To Get Murdered

Was Tony being too cautious on his date with Laura? Also what skill don’t we need anymore, animal sounds for Glass Animals tickets. This 90s slang is bonkers, and 95% of us won’t do what anymore after turning 30. Plus another round of real or fake country stars for Sam Hunt tickets. 

The Show She Broke Girl Code

Gina has a crush on her BFFs friend, but so does her BFF. We try to untangle the web in today's CLE Confessional. Also what is the most painful thing you've experienced, why is a sausage company bringing the world together. A lot of you are today's Genius of the day. And you better know country artists to win Sam Hunt tickets.

The Show He Meant To Date Her Sister

Cale made a boo boo, wrong sister? Also where did you field trip in school? Most Twenty One Pilots tickets with song smash, and what's the most hated veggie. Plus a local Genius Of The Day!

The Show His Crush Finally Wanted Him

But why did she want him? We talked ot Bryson about it. Also Luke is helping people? Velveeta colored hair, George Washington didn't wear pants. And we play Song Smash for Twenty One Pilots tix. Also Matt Wints from Channel 3 gives us the info we need about the potentional storms tonight.