The Show She Was Hiding Something?

The Show He Slept With His Bosses Wife

Luke had an eventful St Patrick's Day, in his bosses car, with his wife! Also let's talk chickens...and crossing your legs could be hurting you. A Fantasy Draft of foods on sticks, 9in65 and the You're Wrong Game!

The Show He Didn't Know About The Back Up Pack

We tru to help Kaiden but maybe he's beyond it? Also a petition to change all non milk milks. What's your normal person skill? 9in65 and you never know when we're going to hook you up.

The Show Jeremiah Wasn't Dead!

Not fired, or dead, Jeremiah is back from battling strep throat, ugh. Let's talk about corn pizza, the TikTok hearings, and play some Old Skool Square Off. Also we learn Cockney and win Ed Sheeran tickets. And someone wins $1,200 in Circle K Gift Cards!

The Show He Was Talking To His Sisters Friends

Max was having many conversations on his date with Denise, but what was he talking about? Also Taylor Swift is taking over the world. Maia's St Paddy's recap, and the robots are coming for us! Pluse 9in65 and Cockney Slang for Ed Sheeran Tickets!

The Show With The Green Puddle

We have more questions then answers when it comes to how the puddle got green outside our studios. Also we see if St Paddy's celebrators can finish the lyrics. Also one more round of Does It Pop, and Maia checks in from dem skreets.

The Show With The Whispered Squirrels

Do you know what a Squirrel Whisperer is? Is it dirty? We tell you. Also Jenna needs liquid enouragment to get with her man, we talk about dumb job rules, breaking Taylor Swift News, and celebrate Stone Cold Steve Austin Day. Plus more Do It Pop!? and 9in65!

The Show He Smelled Like Grandma

Devin living (and smelling) like his Grandma is a problem for Sierra. Also are you up on your Irish slang, an update on the date Maia chaperoned, 9in65 and more Do it Pop!?

The Show It Got Blamed On Her Brother

Michelle is getting away with wrecking her dad's car, should she tell him it was her? Also, are we putting plants in our showers, we prepare for Ted Lasso, and the King and Queen of Heardle have arrived. Plus 9in65 and more Do It Pop!?

The Show He Didn't Spend Enough

Lexi didn't think Matt spent enough on their date, is that a thing? Also could you handle Pedro Pascal's Starbucks order, plus the most perfect salad dressing, and Jeremiah's worried about The Little Mermaid. Add in Do It Pop and 9in65 and that's a Monday program.