WATCH: Bus Driver Saves Student From Speeding Driver

A school bus driver in New York is being praised as a hero after she saved a young girl from a dangerous situation. In a video shared by the Manlius Police Department, the bus driver, known as Ms. Debbie, is seen stopping to let students off the bus when a speeding car passes by, putting the children in danger.

Ms. Debbie acted quickly, grabbing the student by her backpack and pulling her back onto the bus, narrowly avoiding a potentially tragic accident. Although the reckless driver fled the scene, fortunately, no one was injured in the incident.

Many people, including parents of children on the bus, have expressed gratitude for Ms. Debbie's quick thinking and dedication to keeping the students safe. They commend her for always prioritizing the safety of the children she transports, and for her diligence and caution behind the wheel.

Source: NY POST

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